End Human Trafficking
Our crusade

To End Sex Trafficking in the USA… Boldly, Simply, Passionately, and with Everlasting Determination

Having made this statement with conviction; we realize that Human Sex Slavery is the Fruit on the Tree of a much larger Cultural Issue, an issue – if examined at its root – will expose Man’s subjective devaluation of Women.

It is, therefore, a considerable part of our mission to revitalize the understanding of just how precious and valuable women are to our local communities and to society as a whole.

We are determined at Vigilante Truth to create an army of men, A Culture of Protectors, who seek to remove male predators from our streets, marketplaces, communities and yes, even our churches.

We are determined at Vigilante Truth to create a Culture of Protectors who recognize the Value of Women; their open hearts, their sharp minds, their creative talents, without focusing on the current cultural value placed solely on their physical attributes. As Men, we must realize that it is not only our obligation, but also our privilege, to shield and protect women and all that makes them special from the predators that intend them harm, destruction and death.

Understanding the problem we face

Fantasy vs. Truth

Internet Prostitution

Do you believe that Internet Prostitution is harmless? That it is consensual? Check out our educational video on Internet Prostitution to learn the TRUTH…

Adult Massage Parlors

Check out our educational video on the link between “ADULT” massage parlors, and the Sex Trafficking Industry. Not everything is what it seems…

Truckstop Prostitution

In the first 48 hours, 100% of ALL runaways are offered the Sex Trade as a way of surviving… Check out our educational video on the link between the trucking industry and Sex Trafficking.

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