Our Crusade: To End Sex Trafficking in the USA… Boldly, Simply, Passionately, and with Everlasting Determination.

Having made this statement with conviction; we realize that Human Sex Slavery is the Fruit on the Tree of a much larger Cultural Issue, an issue if examined at its root will expose Man’s subjective devaluation of Women.

It is, therefore, a considerable part of our mission to revitalize the understanding of just how precious and valuable women are to our local communities and to society as a whole.

We are determined at Vigilante Truth to create an army of men, A Culture of Protectors, who seek to remove male predators from our streets, marketplaces, communities and yes, even our churches.

We are determined at Vigilante Truth to create a Culture of Protectors who recognize the Value of Women; their open hearts, their sharp minds, their creative talents, without focusing on the current cultural value placed solely on their physical attributes. As Men, we must realize that it is not only our obligation, but also our privilege, to shield and protect women and all that makes them special from the predators that intend them harm, destruction and death.

Child trafficking victims, whether for labor, sex, or organ trafficking, come from all backgrounds, including both boys and girls.

Awareness 101

Too often we hear the public voice cry out… “I had no idea.”

Please take the time to view the educational seminar videos and radio show broadcasts.

Ending Sex Slavery in the USA is not found in a government or law enforcement solution. To end this horror at the root will take action by a strong majority of your community. Educate yourself to the Truth. Join us in the Crusade!







A ministry, snatching Men back from behind the gates of Hell



Hotel “John Intervention”, meeting the demand where it is at its greatest… in the battle trenches.

In order to make the greatest impact on Reducing the Consumer Demand (men paying for sex) in the commercial sex industry, we focused on the wisdom set forth by the US Department of Justice in their 2012 study, that states the number one way to dramatically lower commercial sex in USA cities is for law enforcement to conduct “Reverse John Stings”, specifically to arrest the Men paying for sex in hotels and on the streets.

Following that example: We have established teams that engage men online, arrange hotel meetings, and instead of arresting these men as only law enforcement authority allows… we educate the men to what they are buying, we establish what pain they are self medicating with Prostitution, and we allow God to Heal those wounds.

The Ministry of “John Intervention” in hotels has had great success, not only in exposing the men, but also creating real Truth in their minds and hearts; effectively ending their demand status as persons who engage in commercial sex purchases.

  • Hotel John intervention Charlotte NC
  • Hotel John intervention Lake Norman


It now takes the form of Rape, money to the Pimp for the ability to Rape the Girl...


Do you have a desire to educate the public about Sex Trafficking at your next community meeting, business conference, church gathering, radio or TV show?

Contact us to get your event on our calendar.

We will specifically tailor the message to any type of Male, Female, or Co-Ed Group.





VT Armies


In moving toward our goal of creating a Culture of Protectors, many organizational group types have come forward to lead the charge. We are always looking for new Armies to add to the crusade; or feel free to join one of the Groups that is already leading the charge.

Where there are Men, and Opportunity… There is Sex Slavery.

The first frontal attack by VT was in the Transportation Industry. Truck Drivers, by number, make up the single largest percentage of Consumer users of Sex Slaves. This percentage has been estimated to be as high as 50%-60%.

Due to the high percentage of the Demand for Sex Slaves by Truckers, we lean heavy into changing the culture, minds, and hearts of Drivers nationwide through educating company owners, truck drivers and anyone associated with transportation and truckstops.

We are sure that by educating Men to the very real fact that they are paying for RAPE vs. a consensual business transaction for sex will dramatically drop their desire to answer the knock on the Truck door. The further understanding of the Value of Women solidifies that education. They Become Protectors and join the VT Army in taking on their new V.O.W (Value Of Women)



Where there are Men and Property… There is Sex Slavery.

The second attack by VT was in the motorcycle gang arena. BIKER culture has a long standing as viewing women as property, and property only has a value of that placed on it by its owner. The second class citizenship of women in this culture has led to a rampant expansion of Sex Slavery in Biker Gangs/Clubs.

Due to the extremely low view as to any real value of Women, Bikers have crossed over into becoming some of our countries most sophisticated Sex Traffickers, to say nothing of their roles as consumers making up the demand. There is a huge amount of work to be done in this area, and changing these Men is going to involve overcoming generations of abuse and hardened hearts. The good news is that Biker Clubs are already joining our crusade, joining the army that has taken the V.O.W. (Value Of Women) and become a voice for radical change in their communities.




Where there are Men and Money… There is Sex Slavery.

The third attack by VT was in the area of social sports. A high percentage of Amateur Golfers have a long standing relationship with misunderstanding the full value of women on the 19th hole.

Due to the high percentage of the Demand for Sex Slaves by Traveling Golfers, we push into changing the culture, minds, and hearts of these men nationwide through educating individual players, golfing tourists, pro shops, course owners, and anyone within the golfing industry. Prostitution has changed and men need to be aware of what they are buying to compliment their social sports appetites.

We are sure that educating Men to the very real fact that they are paying for RAPE vs. a consensual business transaction for sex will dramatically drop their desire to make the call for hotel room companionship. The further understanding of the Value of Women solidifies that education. They Become Protectors and join the VT Army in taking on their new V.O.W (Value Of Women)

It’s sad but true: here in this country, people are being bought, sold, and smuggled like modern-day slaves. - FBI.GOV


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The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14 years old. Many victims are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children.


The greatest compliment we receive at VT is that we are “Survivor Approved”, for in reality, no opinion of our actions in this world matters most.

We are proud to serve in the restoration of women to their rightful identity, lives, and value. We are concerned that Survivors agree with our approach to End Slavery in the USA, and based on the feedback we have received, 100% of the survivors agree that on the other side of every sexually abusive situation has been a customer paying for their fantasy.

It is that colorful fantasy that we at VT hope to strongly ruin with the black and white truth… and through such; ending the demand and need for Sex Slaves.

The women who have Boldly given of their hearts in the following videos are to be uplifted and edified; each has been brutally engrossed in great pain and suffering, a wound they willingly reopened to tell you their true and personal stories.

Jillian-MourningJILLIAN MOURNING (audio)

The economic reality is that human trafficking is driven by profits. If nobody paid for sex, sex trafficking would not exist.


Please connect with us if you are interested in volunteering or would like to have Vigilante Truth visit your church, company or organization.

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