Fox 46 Charlotte created an exclusive two-piece segment on Vigilante Truth’s mission and the service work they are doing as an organization in the community. The first segment aired on NOVEMBER 7th and was an eye-opening realization that Charlotte – where the organization is based – is the number one city in North Carolina for sex trafficking.

“It’s easier to sell women than it is to sell drugs, than it is to commit internet fraud…selling a woman is pretty easy business, sadly enough, but it is true.”

-Bo Quickel Fox 46 Charlotte News Interview

Organization founder, Bo Quickel, was one of three men recognized for their efforts to raise awareness and put an end to the involvement of the sex trafficking industry that Charlotte, and the United States as a whole, is playing.

Segment two was a closer look at the Undercover work that Vigilante Truth conducts. Aired on NOVEMBER 8th, Fox 46 Charlotte was there to witness what it takes to host a hotel intervention with the team. The goal of these hotel interventions is to have one less individual participating in the buying of sexual services that they believe to be consensual. Quickel knows that the real reason these men are here is to fill a power or intimacy void that they have…

“We’re not law enforcement, we don’t claim to be. We’re not military based. We’re just citizens out here trying to help out with the problem; educate the public.”

-Bo Quickel Fox 46 Charlotte News Interview

To do this, Vigilante Truth’s team poses as a female prostitute online to invite men to learn the TRUTH.

“Vigilante Truth volunteers got texts from old, young, a retired police officer, a married man in Fort Mill, you name it. When the ‘Johns’ arrive, Bo Quickel doesn’t attack.”

-Morgan Frances Fox 46 Charlotte News Reporter

There is never room for individuals to be condemned in this environment, but to be helped and offered services of counseling and/or other resources that they may need in their journey to remove them from participating in the sex trafficking industry.


Thank you to Morgan Frances and FOX 46 CHARLOTTE for the feature. Be sure to check out BOTH segments

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