As many of you know, our founder also operates a trucking company called Victory Transfer that advertises Vigilante Truth’s mission. On the side of the trucks is an image of a ball and chain with the phrase “Stop the Selling of Rape” (see photo) to remind anyone who sees the truck that slavery is going on today in the form of human trafficking…and the trucking industry plays a huge role in that! Jasmine is part of that Victory Transfer Team and is also the only female driver in the fleet.

We sat down with Jasmine to ask her about her trucking career, what it’s like to be a female driver, and what she does during her home time. Here’s what she had to say:

VT: How long have you been driving?
Jasmine: About 4 and a half years now.

VT: How did you decide you wanted to become a truck driver?
Jasmine: I started out in construction as a project manager for sub-companies. When I realized how much we were paying people to drive dump trucks, I thought that it could be a good way to make money without the normal stresses of a 9-5 job.

VT: Do you mind being alone while you’re driving?
Jasmine: Well, I was a team (her and a partner driver in the same truck in order to run more miles) for about 2 or 3 years, so I am fairly new to driving alone. I don’t mind it at all though, it’s not bad!

VT: Where are you from, and what do you do with your home time?
Jasmine: I am from a little place called New London, NC and family is everything! This past weekend while I was home, we had a big ol’ cookout, we all hang out and have a good time. I love spending time with my family.

VT: What is your favorite part about being a truck driver?
Jasmine: Traveling, eating and the people you meet. You meet some really great people and you make new friends everywhere you go!

VT: Where are your favorite places to drive?
Jasmine: ah man, I love Texas, California, anything out west really!

VT: How do you feel about being one of the few female truck drivers in the industry?
Jasmine: Actually, there are a ton of female drivers and there are more than people might expect. There are a lot of women getting into [truck] driving.

VT: What are some challenges you face as a female driver?
Jasmine: People try to help you do everything, as if you are incapable. They will ask if you need help backing up the truck, if you know where you are going, things that I know how to do and definitely don’t need their help with [laughs].

VT: You know all about Vigilante Truth and what we stand for, do you feel that trafficking is happening as often as we think it is?
Jasmine: YES. I have seen it taking place on multiple occasions. I have been parked in between two trucks and seen woman go from truck to truck. A company I have previously worked for had to fire a guy who had kidnapped a girl for two weeks and was selling her out of the back of his truck at truck stops. I know how bad this issue is and I have seen it happen many times…both men and women.

Jasmine is a kind hearted, hard working woman who truly loves truck driving. She is an absolute pleasure to be around and can put a smile on everyone’s face. Thank you, Jasmine, for being such a great addition to our fleet and for doing what you love with such enthusiasm!

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