On April 13th, 2019, UNC Charlotte held a Human Trafficking Awareness Conference hosted by NOT IN MY CITY. Our founder, Bo Quickel, kicked off the conference with “SUPPLY & DEMAND; The Priceless Value of Women”. Vigilante Truth whole heartedly believes that by stopping the DEMAND for human trafficking, by targeting the consumers (men) of commercial sex acts, that sex slavery can be ended in the United States. To start, an army of men that recognize the value of women has to be created. To accomplish this, education, public awareness, hotel “John” interventions and adult massage parlor surveillance are the main approaches that VT takes.

After Vigilante Truth’s presentation, the conference attendees heard from Joy Anderson, a Human Trafficking Survivor & Advocate, as well as a Detective to speak on Law Enforcement & Human Trafficking, a Doctor specializing in Trauma Incurred from Sexual Abuse & Its Effects and a specialist in Wisdom of Body Physiology & Effects of Trauma.

NOT IN MY CITY is a local initiative to mobilize college students by training them to raise awareness within their own spheres of influence and enabling them to help provide funds for direct services for survivors. [they] equip students to raise awareness within their own circles of influence by providing training and mentorship throughout the school year.

Thank you, NOT IN MY CITY for hosting such an amazing conference and for the opportunity to have Vigilante Truth take part in it. If you are interested in following NOT IN MY CITY’s journey, check them out on social media.

Website: notinmycityproject.com
Instagram: @notinmycityproject
Facebook: Not In My City Project

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