An Individual’s Efforts to End Sex Slavery

Many people assume that the efforts of a single person,outside of an organization, will not provide tangible results regarding the mission at hand, especially in such a controversial fight. How can one individual aid the fight against sex slavery on their own?

Well, let us introduce you to Alex Green.

Vigilante Truth sat down with Green at the local iHop to learn more about his involvement in ending sex slavery. That specific iHop is where Green ALWAYS meets to discuss anything anti-trafficking related and feels like it has grown to become a part of him and the role he plays in the community.

Green, 28, is a land conservationist who is AED – Basic Life Support Certified out of Salisbury, North Carolina. He has been individually assisting in ending sex slavery around the Charlotte and surrounding areas. For nearly 2-years now, Green has been volunteering his time, efforts, and gifts to local Anti-Trafficking organizations such as: Vigilante Truth, On Eagles Wings Ministries, Justice Ministries and Lily Pad Haven. It hasn’t been an easy road to get here…

Growing up, Green’s home life showed him the damage that all parties receive when placed in a violent situation. Nervously, Green describes the abusive relationship between his father and hard drugs. The exposure to this unhealthy relationship planted that passion of helping others in Green at a very early age.

As a way of escaping the rough lifestyle of his father, Green would spend as much time as possible with his maternal grandfather, referring to him many times as his hero. Unfortunately, he passed away when Green was only 20 years old. However, smiling, Green added:

I know he would be so proud of me for being a part of this fight.

Green, on his relationship with his grandfather

In his 2 years associated with “the fight”, Green has been able to provide gifts, food, and more to the organizations that he works with.Just this year, Green was hunting in Davie County and captured an 8-point buck.He took that meat, along with one of his farm raised pigs to get processed. The outcome: he donated an amazing 160 lbs of meat to survivors of sex slavery!

This Christmas season, he was able to provide a 50” TV, a Tablet and a Laptop Computer, and a bag full of clothing and toiletry essentials to another organization!

Despite his own hardship, Green’s real mission is to provide for and help others:

…So many others have it much worse than I do. My ultimate goal is to save and/or raise enough money to open up my own safe house for women. Not only those who have experienced sex slavery, but for any women who have experienced violence.

A strong faith and a firm believer in Jesus Christ, Green believes that ALL women are priceless because they are God’s children, they should never have a price tag attached to them, and that this type of behavior towards them is an injustice that is very real. This injustice is as real a sour next door neighbors, our daughters, our sisters, etc.

The men involved are also very real.

The men participating in this disgusting act are missing out on an understanding of God, missing that important relationship with Him. I believe in Jesus Christ; he will get me through it. I want others to know it. It’s not about us, it’s about the victims. Shine a bright light… that’s what we have to be.

It’s not always about the grand gestures that you may be able to arrange for others, but the desire to participate in any way that you can afford to. Whether that be monetary,volunteering your time, providing assistance with your skill set, there are so many ways in which you can help an organization that do not include monetary donations. Thank you Alex Green, for all of the work you do to help your local organizations to end the fight in Sex Slavery.

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