Hotel “John Intervention”, meeting the demand where it is at its greatest… in the battle trenches.

In order to make the greatest impact on Reducing the Consumer Demand (men paying for sex) in the commercial sex industry, we focused on the wisdom set forth by the US Department of Justice in their 2012 study, that states the number one way to dramatically lower commercial sex in USA cities is for law enforcement to conduct “Reverse John Stings”, specifically to arrest the Men paying for sex in hotels and on the streets.

Following that example: We have established teams that engage men online, arrange hotel meetings, and instead of arresting these men as only law enforcement authority allows… we educate the men to what they are buying, we establish what pain they are self medicating with Prostitution, and we allow God to Heal those wounds.

The Ministry of “John Intervention” in hotels has had great success, not only in exposing the men, but also creating real Truth in their minds and hearts; effectively ending their demand status as persons who engage in commercial sex purchases.

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