The greatest compliment we receive at VT is that we are “Survivor Approved”, for in reality, no opinion of our actions in this world matters most.

We are proud to serve in the restoration of women to their rightful identity, lives, and value. We are concerned that Survivors agree with our approach to End Slavery in the USA, and based on the feedback we have received, 100% of the survivors agree that on the other side of every sexually abusive situation has been a customer paying for their fantasy.

It is that colorful fantasy that we at VT hope to strongly ruin with the black and white truth… and through such; ending the demand and need for Sex Slaves.

The women who have Boldly given of their hearts in the following videos are to be uplifted and edified; each has been brutally engrossed in great pain and suffering, a wound they willingly reopened to tell you their true and personal stories.

Jillian-MourningJILLIAN MOURNING (audio)

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